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How Regulatory Change Managers Can Succeed in 2021 and 2022

There have been a lot of discussions about the upcoming regulatory changes and how regulatory change managers need to be more vigilant if they want to successfully guard the organizations as they navigate the new regulatory framework. Our previous blog discussed some of the major forces that are impacting the regulatory change management domain and will need to be managed by regulatory experts across the country. It is also important to look at not just the challenges and opportunities that will be faced by the financial […]

Understanding the Different Stages of Risk and Compliance Management

Technology changes not in an instant but in waves. Whenever there is a majorly disruptive technology, it is followed by waves of innovation in all fields and domains as the new technology is slowly used to its full potential. This can also be seen in the way risk and compliance solutions have evolved over time in response to the available technology. Additionally, it provides insight into the evolution of risk and compliance over the next decade. When humans first began to navigate the oceans and seas, […]

Better Workflows for Improved Risk and Compliance Management

Businesses in the financial sector require better risk and compliance performance as they grow. It is easier to ensure compliance and manage risks when the business is small. There are only a few clients, and the risk and compliance teams are aware of all the issues and problems that need to be mitigated. As the business grows and workloads expand, risk and compliance become more difficult to manage. Since it is impossible for the risk and compliance teams to have in-depth knowledge about each activity and […]

How Regtech is Helping the Mortgage Industry Grow

Regtech is helping financial institutions to improve operations, enhance risk mitigation, and manage compliance better and faster than it was previously possible with legacy tools. Additionally, today’s modern risk and compliance solutions are enabling the mortgage industry to meet the challenges expected in 2021 while preparing for growth this year and beyond. The mortgage industry expects to confront a series of major regulatory changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s complexities, the recent avalanche of loans in this refinance market and new government leadership. Lenders should expect […]

Evolving Regulatory Change Management Mindsets for 2021

All the actions, planning, strategy, and work that organizations have been doing to manage regulatory changes is critical, but it is important to remember where it all comes from. A business will only be able to take the right action and make the right decision if it has the right mindset. Businesses do not simply need to change a few action items in their plans and parts of their strategy if they truly want to succeed – they will have to go beyond and look at […]

Creating Future Friendly Risk Technology

One of the most fascinating things to see is how the design of solutions and products has evolved over time as customer experience and insights are continuously incorporated into core designs. There is a march towards technological progress always, where new technologies and techniques make new things possible. Risk technology is a great example of this evolution. Risk technology has advanced exponentially in the past two decades. Modern risk technology is much more capable and easier to use than the older solutions. While a lot […]

Communication Challenges in Risk and Compliance Management

Many organizations find that when they audit a risk or compliance issue to discover the root cause, the main issue is often found that the right information was not communicated to all the involved parties. Wrong decisions are taken by people not because they were not capable of understanding what needed to be done, but because they did not have all the information to reach the right decision. This can result in organizations to focusing on improving communication between the different departments and teams. These […]

Creating Synergy in Risk and Compliance Services and Technology

There is a common misconception that technological progress is merely linear – that advancements are made possible only when new technology is introduced. While modern technologies are essential for progress, there is another major oft-overlooked aspect, and that is change in the way we use technology. E-commerce is a notable example, when it became possible to purchase products online, we saw most businesses simply transfer their brick and mortal model to the internet – every business created their own online store. However, over the next decade […]

How the Modern Approach to Risk Management Evolved

It is no secret that risk managers are now using risk technology more than ever before. While this paradigm shift is widely known, the unknown is ‘why this paradigm shift is happening.’ It is true that risk management technology means better and faster risk management than before, but it is also important to look at why businesses are looking for better risk management solutions now. Changes in Supply and Demand Demand and supply are two basic economic factors that determine how a product or service is […]

How Regtech Simplifies Implementation of Regulatory Change Management Plans

Our previous two blogs have dealt with the first two steps of the regulatory change management process – understanding the upcoming regulatory updates and formulating a plan to implement the changes required to be compliant with the new regulatory framework. However, as said, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”. In the context of risk and compliance, this adage can be rephrased as no plan survives the first delay; once a component of the process starts lagging behind, all the things dependent on it are […]