Top 10 Emerging Compliance Initiatives for 2020 in Mid to Large-sized Banks and Financial Institutions

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Compliance Management is Evolving to Meet Higher Customer Expectations

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At the core, compliance management revolves around orchestrating framework for assuring adherence to relevant rules and regulations. Even though this will remain as the principal function of compliance management, based on the feedback gathered from industry leaders, we foresee a prominent shift in compliance operations in 2020, including but not limited to Increase focus on ethics, culture and enabling change.

It is crucial to note that the complexity and versatility of compliance management challenges are unique to each business, depending upon their size. Larger banks have enough budgets and resources whereas, small to mid-size banks always face challenges in effectively ensuring adherence to ever-changing regulations.

This white paper is specifically focused on the top emerging compliance management trends that small and mid-sized banks shall be aware of in 2020.

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